Great Norfolk Beaches

2015-02-09 12.08.32There are some great sandy beaches in North and East Norfolk. From the East, where there are great stretches of clear sand, to cliffs and erosion in the North, there is truly something for everyone. Here are some of my favourites.

Gorleston Beach. The perfect beach for the family picnic. Beautiful sand, with places to buy ice creams. Why not have a quick bite at JayJay’s Cafe.

Great Yarmouth Beach. The Victorians agreed this was one of Gt Britain’s greatest beaches, and they knew what they were talking about. Wide open sand, two piers and The Golden Mile. The beach itself stretches for miles and offers something for everyone, whether it is the traditional bucket and spade or miles of open sand and dunes to the North to explore.

Winterton Beach. Wide open beaches like Gt Yarmouth, but far quieter.  Ideal for walking the dog and with Terns from Africa and seals swimming alongside, this beach is an old favourite.

Sea Palling Beach. A great sandy beach, but narrower as we gradually move North, this beach is a gem. The village is set back from the beach and you will have to walk to enjoy its full beauty, but you wont be disappointed. If you like seclusion, why not search out the beach at Eccles Gap. There are very few parking spaces though so be early if you want to enjoy this beach.

Happisburgh Beach (pronounced Haisburgh). This beach is suffering the worst erosion in the Country and the visitor will be able to see the village gradually being possessed by the waves. Regular visitors will wonder at the old walk routes disappearing each year. The magnificent lighthouse can be seen for miles as you approach, this really is a magnificent spot for a short coastal walk.

Overstrand Beach. Well Norfolk doesn’t really do cliffs, but there are some at Overstrand. Small sandy coves amongst the outcrops, and with a beautiful village to retire to when you are tired. Or just travel a few miles further to explore the old town of Cromer.



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